Thursday, March 27, 2008

Worst Loss of the Season

The Bobcats? At home? Ugh. What else is there to say. Sometimes I forget that with their current roster, the Lakers are just last year's team. And that team wasn't very good. Thanks, Gary Vitti - maybe Pau, Bynum, Mihm, and Ariza can make it back for next season, at least.

More interesting is the ongoing saga of Kobe's rage. He picked up his 14th and 15th technicals last night, for no good reason at all. Yes, he was playing poorly. Yes, so was his team. But he just went off, and though the second technical seemed questionable, he has got to be more careful.

Ever since the finger injury, Kobe has been filled with unbridled rage. (Edit: he has 11 technical fouls in the last 11 weeks, after having only 4 on Jan. 12.) There is only one explanation for this - 'roid rage. Kobe's got to be taking tons of medications to control pain and swelling. At the same time, he is angry all the time. In games, he looks like he wants to throw the barrel of a broken bat at a batter, or at least go and pick fights in back alleys after the game. Maybe he takes Sasha with him, since that guy could annoy anyone he met. Lamar would be too busy smirking nervously in his room.

Henry offered an alternative explanation for Kobe's anger - maybe he spends all his time at home dealing with nagging women, in Vanessa and her mother. "Why haven't you won an MVP yet? How come that Bynum guy is still around after you demanded a trade? Did you repaint Hagrid's cottage like I asked you to? Karl Malone called me again. When are you going to do something about it?"

Yep, maybe that's it. I'd be in a bad mood at the office too.

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