Monday, May 19, 2008


Still in a state of deep depression about the Cavs, mixed with resignation since it's always been clear that this is how our season would end. I'll write a retrospective on the season/prospective for the offseason shortly, but for now, a leaderboard update.

After two rounds:

Andrew: 6.5 (1st round) + 2 (DET) + 2 (LAL) + 2 (SAS) + 2 (BOS) = 14.5
Justin: 5.5 (1st round) + 2 (DET) + 2 (LAL) + 2 (BOS) = 11.5
Jordan: 4 (1st round) + 2 (DET) + 2 (LAL) + 2 (BOS)= 10
Rakesh: 5.5 (1st round) + 2 (DET) + 2 (LAL) = 9.5

Andrew rides the Spurs to a dominant lead, whereas Rakesh's sentimental pick of the Cavs turns out to bite him in the ass. Interestingly, nobody gets a bonus for picking the correct number of games for any series in the second round -- guess we all overestimated home court in some cases, and underestimated it in others.

However, Andrew has not clinched the title yet. A brief reminder of Conference Finals picks:

Andrew: LAL (7), BOS (7)
Justin: LAL (6), BOS (7)
Jordan: LAL (6), BOS (7)
Rakesh: LAL (7), DET (7)

Everyone picked the Lakers, so that series is largely inconsequential -- though two players can pick up a two point bonus. If it takes seven, Andrew is in prime position, but Rakesh is in striking distance.

The Boston-Detroit series is more interesting. With Boston looking vulnerable (and tired), and the Pistons looking motivated (and rested), Rakesh may be able to ride the Pistons to the Finals (believe it or not, he will be rooting for them because of a newly deep-seated hatred of Boston and its frontrunning fans) and a big bonus that would put him in the thick of things. It's still anyone's game.

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