Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kidd in CLE?

So after talking to Justin and reading that LeBron wants Kidd (no duh), I came up with two possibilities:

Here's the first one.

CLE (Incoming): Jason Kidd
IND (Incoming): Eric Snow, Drew Gooden, Ira Newble, possible draft pick
NJ (Incoming): Jermaine O'Neal

NJ gets an athletic big man who needs a change of scenery. CLE gets Kidd and keeps LeBron happy. IND gets 4M of cap relief this year in Newble, and gets to try out Gooden as a moderately priced 4 for another year. They also get a veteran presence and good defensive point in Snow. Both Snow and Gooden expire in '09 too.

Here's another one. This isn't as good.

CLE (Incoming): Jason Kidd
MEM (Incoming): Donyell Marshall, Drew Gooden
NJ (Incoming): Pau Gasol, Ira Newble, Shannon Brown

NJ gets cap relief in Newble and Brown and a talented big man in Gasol. MEM gets cap relief in '09 and gets to take a flier on Gooden to replace the bust that is Milicic. The question is, is Jerry West ready to rebuild? Or does he want to see what Conley can do?

More to come tomorrow.

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