Thursday, January 10, 2008


Welcome to "From AC to Wilt," a new NBA blog. As you can tell from our title, our goal is to have coverage that abounds in both quality and quantity.

The authors are three law students in California who have been NBA fans for as long as they can remember. Two of them are Lakers fans, and the other is (sadly) a Cleveland Cavaliers fan who used to have his own blog here. Needless to say, the Lakers fans rub in the 44-year Cleveland title drought as much as possible.

Our hopes are to provide some serious, though humorous, analysis of the NBA, particularly the Cavs and Lakers. Coverage will include regular posts about opportunities for teams to revamp their rosters, blogs about games televised on the West Coast, and longer pieces about current trends in the NBA.

We hope you'll visit with a Wilt frequency, or enjoy your first visit at least as much as AC must have. Please enjoy the reading as much as we enjoy the writing!

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