Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Leaderboard Update

Four series in the bag:

Andrew: 1 pt for LAL + 1.5 pts for ORL + 1 pt for SA + 1 pt for NO = 4.5 pts
Rakesh: 1 pt for LAL + 1 pt for ORL = 2 pts
Jordan: 1 pt for LAL + 1 pt for ORL = 2 pts
Justin: 1 pt for LAL + 1 pt for ORL = 2 pts

Yaphe dominating right now, correctly picking what should have been no-brainers the other way in NO and SA.

But it's not over: Andrew and Jordan will be desperately hoping the Wiz go the distance and take this one to seven, giving them 1.5 points and putting me on suicide watch. But hopefully the Cavs can get it done, which would give me and Justin a few points.

Everyone has the Jazz, who looked pretty awful tonight. If they close out in the next round, Rakesh and Justin get a coveted .5 bonus. Right now, Yaphe and Jordan are probably cursing Carl Landry for robbing them of their half point.

In other series, everyone's got to be sweating their Boston-Detroit in 4-5 picks. The upstart Hawks and 76ers have the NBA world abuzz and all four of our columnists angry over their willingness to usurp our .5 points for their moment in the sun. Actually, that's a lie -- I could not be happier that the Hawks have a shot. Same with the Sixers. KG is just too crazy for his own good . . . I'm waiting for him to actually cut Zaza's throat on the court, instead of just making "menacing gestures" like DeShawn "Gross Beard" Stevenson and Paul "Blood Sweat and Tears" Pierce. But, it looks like Philly is done; even if they take game 6 at home, they'll probably lose to Detroit, who apparently feels like showing up now.

Stay tuned for updates.

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